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Gluten Free Black Milled Sorghum Bran

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Product Description

Rich in unique antioxidants, this milled high fiber gluten free bran ingredient is the focus of extensive studies. Foundation research has indicated that consuming gluten free black sorghum bran may aid in the prevention of colon cancer or may be supportive therapy for those diagnosed with colon cancer.*   Total ORAC: 1840 umol TE/5 grams  

Shelf Life:
Store in sealed container in a cool, dry place for up to one year.

Sorghum Bran

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These ingredients are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Reviews

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  1. Gluten Free Black Milled Sorghum Bran

    Great product (5)

    (Submitted on )

    Consistently high quality every time I order.

  2. Gluten Free Black Milled Sorghum Bran

    Black milled Sorghum bran (5)

    (Submitted on )

    Love the packaging! Great product.

  3. Gluten Free Black Milled Sorghum Bran

    Superb Product For All (5)

    (Submitted on )

    Ordered Black Sorhum Bran because it is gluten free, in milk tastes like chocolate milk, is high protein, high vitamins, minerals, helps with all cancers, diabetes, cholesterol, weight loss, and used in country in world with lowest rates of cancer.

  4. Gluten Free Black Milled Sorghum Bran

    Superior Source of Nutrition & Delicious! (5)

    (Submitted on )

    Black Sorghum Bran is the very BEST! GLUTEN FREE..TASTES LIJE CHOCOLATE MILK when mix in milk. I looked for country that has Least Cases of lung cancer...& what the people eat. Turned out to be SORGHUM Bran! Researched on internet & found Nu Life black Sorghum Bran! Ordered and came fast & packaging superior!

  5. Gluten Free Black Milled Sorghum Bran

    Healthy and convenient (5)

    (Submitted on )

    Convenient product. A nice consistency. Convenient, easy-open, resealable packaging. I find this product useful as a way to supplement fiber intake while remaining gluten-free. I add it to smoothies, but with its nice, fine, powdery consistency, I'm sure it could have a variety of uses.
    (Just don't over-consume. When I bought it the first time, I added too much bran to my food and regretted it. Bran is a good thing in moderation.)

  6. Gluten Free Black Milled Sorghum Bran

    Fiber (5)

    (Submitted on )

    It is very difficult to find fiber for baking in a gluten free/ tree nut free diet. I use this in everything even smoothies! Thank you! I can have my fiber and eat my cake too! Much healthier that way!

  7. Gluten Free Black Milled Sorghum Bran

    Without Equal (5)

    (Submitted on )

    The productg is superb, the packaging is perfect, and order processing is efficient and timely